a point and a line, makes a curve then a circle.

weaving performance with Soft Walls Collective, friends, light reflective yarn, and backstrap loom

Music by Miles Breithaupt

Video and Photography by Chelsea Nyomi

Curated by Julie Nagam

Presented as a part of Nuit Blanche Toronto 2022 

Graciously funded by the City of Toronto and the Ontario Arts Council

made with the support of:

Our collective’s night-long process of labour will be a resonant meditation on tension between bodies, and the pulling together that happens through collective work. “Making” will become a force of its own, pulling us into our own materiality. 

Backstrap looms rely on tension between the weaver and a stationary anchor point, traditionally a tree. In the case of our performance, we will instead use our own bodies to create tension in order to weave lengths of cloth. Working in pairs, the warp threads will be anchored around our waists. Beginning at a distance, bodies - in various configurations - will weave while continually adjusting in relation to the cloth.  As we undulate closer and farther from one another, we conceal and reveal our cloth in progress. Our motions will oscillate between narrowing and expanding the space between one another. 

Our every action will be amplified in surround sound to further immerse ourselves and our audience in the act of weaving, giving voice to the rhythm of weaving and each of the threads that make up our cloth. The cloth will be woven with light-reflective yarn, allowing threads and motions to ‘glow’ in the dark of the night. 
Special Thanks
Laura Coelho                   Elycia SFA            

Jack Paltanen                   Camila Salcedo

Yahn Nemirovsky            Akash Inbakumar

selina latour                    Shaya Ishaq

Mea Bissett                     nadira narine

Hatley Walker                 Madeline Bonk

Angela McIntosh             Helen Liene Dreifelds

Daria Domnikova            Eija Loponen-Stephenson

Naomi Daryn Boyd         Ruth Wickremesooriya

Rachel Ormshaw             Yasmine Louis