lived in room:
objects frozen in time

multimedia installation, paper maché, audio recordings, air-dry clay, paint, felt 

made with the support of:

Alongside Camila Salcedo as our collaborative duo “comadres”, we created a large scale on-site installation in response to the stories of ten newcomers to Halifax, Nova Scotia for the exhibition at the Mary E Black Gallery. The works created were made using felting, paper maché and ceramic handbuilding, as well as, mural-style painted wallpaper to create ten distinct vignettes of each individual participant, which accompanied their audio recordings.

lived-in room: objects frozen in time alludes to the experience of immigration, which severs people’s lives into a before and an after, insinuating that, like memories, objects become “frozen in time”. This project was intended to question and challenge systems of oppression such as borders and identity, alongside members of other diasporic communities by acknowledging the complicated and problematic relationship between migration and assimilation.