workshop offerings

tapestry weaving workshop
Learn handweaving basics on a cardboard loom. In this workshop we explore        colour, weave structures and textture. This workshop is very beginner friendly            and a fun activity for kids and adults. loom weaving workshop
 Learn handweaving on a table or floor loom. This highly adaptable workshop               will teach you how to prepare a warp, dress a loom, read drafts and of course           weave!diy fabric printing workshop
Learn to print of fabric using simple accessible equipment. In this workshop, we cover how to screenprint using budget friendly equipment and incorporate some block/stencil printing. 
papermaking workshop
Learn how to make paper. This workshop can be adapted to include processing the pulp in anticipation of papermaking. mending workshop
Learn how to mending your clothes. Bring your moth eaten, threadbare and toe worn socks and sweaters and extend the lives of beloved garments. natural dye workshop
Learn about natural dyes using common and acccesible dyestuff. 
diy workshop
Don’t see what you are looking for? Let’s chat! I have a breadth of textiles knowledge and can design a workshop to suit your needs.