pelo series

pelo salvado, 2016-2017, hair & pins
pelo soleado, 2017, cyanotype on rice paper, linen, silk, pins
pelo desintegrado, 2017, copper & pins

Photo documentation thanks to Brian Medina & Harbourfront Centre
This series is a reconciliation of identity and self worth. Physically it is representative of my time spent in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia as well as time spent meticulously maintaining and preserving my hair. It was during this time that I realized how incredibly attached and dependent I had become on my hair as a source of identity, self worth, and individuality. Especially in a place of strangers and solitude, I turned to my hair as crutch and anchor.

I had become obsessed with self preservation; physically through the collection of hair as well as socially. With these pieces I find presence, I remind myself that I am real and that I could leave marks and be physical in space even when I spent my time dreaming of intangible places of home and belonging