to the strangers i love deeply. 

handwoven cotton, mirrored & clear plexiglass, digitally print silk organza

photos courtesy of Brian Medina & Harbourfront Centre

to the strangers i love deeply. is part of a series of love gestures in which I explore my personal relationships with family, community, and love. This love gesture is one dedicated to my grandparents, of whom reside in crisis ridden Venezuela. Materially, I attempt to synthesize the imagery that haunts my memory, daydreams, and lore. Literally and figuratively, I reflect on the notions of familial love, safety nets, generational wisdom and trauma and try to find myself within its absence and without. 

Ultimately, I explore the ethereal nature of transparent, malleable, and reflective objects. I activate materials that require the viewer to assess and reassess what they perceive as reality and fiction. I offer them no answer or conclusion, only the opportunity to explore relational moments, materials, and movement.